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Acurelief Clinics

By Philip Annamalai, a NADA registered practitioner and member of the South African Society of Integrative Medicine (SASIM).

Why AcuDetox Treatment?

The AcuDetox treatment assists in detoxifying the body & mind of both physical and abstract toxins, which is prevalent in everyone hence anyone can benefit from this treatment. Ear acupuncture- AcuDetox is not only used as an adjunct treatment for addictions, but it is also typically used as a supportive modality for the health conditions listed and others…

Acurelief Services

AcuDetox  Treatment (Acupuncture Detoxification)

Neuro Linguistic Programming

Coaching with NLP

Time Line Therapy


Additional Services

∙ Nutritionist (Lilia Simeonova)

∙ Live Blood Analysis


What can AcuDetox assist with?


Arthritis pain


Chronic pain





Low back pain


In addition, ear acupuncture is used to enhance mood, aid in smoking cessation, alleviate pain, promote sounder sleep, relieve stress, support weight loss, Aid ADD / ADHD.

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