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By Philip Annamalai, a NADA registered practitioner and member of the South African Society of Integrative Medicine (SASIM).

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+27 (0) 76 954 8170

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+27 (0) 12 667 5106

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Organic Choice, Shop 10, Hokaai Meat Building, Cnr Lenchen Ave North & Embankment Road, Centurion, Gauteng

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20 Wren Ave, 16 La Pago, Die Hoewes, Centurion, Gauteng


“I noticed my 8 year old son Amil was struggling to concentrate. He would not complete tasks at both school and at home. I took him to a Psychologist where he was assessed and I was told that he seems to have symptoms of Attention Deficit Disorder and that we should try putting him on Ritalin. I was concerned and was not keen on doing so after learning about some of the side effects. I wanted to try alternative methods first. I came across Philip Annamalai and he told me about the 22 week treatment programme that he offers to aid Attention Deficit Disorder. The treatment is non-invasive with no side effects. I decided to try it. He also explained exactly how it works and my role as the parent in the programme. The first session was very informative and he also applied acupressure beads to specific points which he left on to go home with. Immediately after the first treatment there was a noticeable difference. Amil wanted to actually wake up for school. He responded well to instructions. He started completing the work given in school. Amil is now on his 8th session and his grades are up. He is more responsible. I am very happy with this treatment and will definitely continue with the 22 week treatment programme recommended.” - Happy Mom 'JS'

“Philip Annamalai of Acurelief is the friendliest, courteous therapist and he is thorough in his treatments. He made me feel comfortable with his caring attitude as he talked me the procedure. The beautiful music in the background brought about a calming effect, relaxing me. A few hours after my first treatment I felt extra energetic and amazingly relaxed at the same time. On the 2nd night after the initial treatment I experienced peaceful and restful sleep which I had not had in ages. I cannot begin to express my satisfaction with the positive outcome of my treatments. Philip comes highly recommended as a therapist. Thanks to Acurelief by Philip Annamalai for providing a service that's handled with enthusiasm and professionalism. I appreciate your follow up with me and your willingness to answer my question.” - 'AN'

“My first time doing the Acudetox treatment was kind of scary because of the word 'needles'. I have a fear of needles. The fact I like about the therapist Mr Phil was that he explained everything to me and importantly he also explained some difficult medical terms that I read about... Mr Phil will make you feel comfortable and relaxed. He plays soft music that you enjoy during the session and keeps on checking if you are ok… So after my first session I felt sick and was reluctant to have further treatments. Mr Phil explained why I was feeling what I was feeling and that it was perfectly normal to experience this after treatment. I pushed through my reluctance and continued with further treatments. I started to improve session after session. During some of the sessions I would sometimes feel extremely sleepy, calm and relaxed. The treatments have really helped me. I no longer have severe headaches that I used to experience. I am active like I have more energy. I am less fatigued and feel more focused. The treatments give you a nice feeling to the body and mind. Thank you Mr Phil or should I say Dr Phil. 'Mags' “

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